Tatry: Sea Eye

As a kid, me and my family and friends were walking in the mountains. Unfortunately, various coincidences meant that for some time I had to set aside hiking, and then again I could not find the time. All summer I planned to go to the mountains, but it flew so fast … that only yesterday we decided finally to make this little dream come true and as that neither I or my boyfriend weren’t at the Sea Eye, we chose this place.

It is not a “typical” trip to the mountains. The route is only 8 km (~5 miles) and it is asphalt, winding road. Of course, if you are not ready for such a trip, you can ride a horse-drawn carriage – the parking lot where always stands shepherd and invite (the cost of such travel in season is about 50 zł (~12 euro) per person. Unfortunately, I do not know if both sides). One should take into account the cost of parking for a car is 20 zł (~5 euro), and the entry fee – 5 zł (~1 euro) regular ticket, 2,5 zł (~0,50 euro) reduced.

The way we have to go through does not raise the huge delight. From time to time, of course, stand benches and tables at which you can relax. The season also act pubs and restaurants – where you can eat fast food, ice cream or a good dinner. Of course there are from time to time toilets, adapted to a large number of tourists.

The place to which we come is breathtaking. In autumn mountains are already covered with snow and all the way I admired how beautifully look snow-capped peaks – but could not imagine how beautiful will look the Sea Eye.

When we got to the place we saw this view:


Lake beautifully reflects mountains, until you can not see where it ends. It is the largest lake in the Tatry at the foot of Mięguszowieckie peaks.

I would recommend you to go to this place off season. There’s just a small amount of people, the car park is not crowded and of course you can safely go down to the lake not crowding between people – I suspect that in the season there must be good siege. As far as the temperature drops in autumn is it so roughly about 4 degrees (on site compared to that in the parking lot), but all the way through is really beautiful. Well, I’m sure, that the mountains snow-capped definitely look better than in the middle of summer 🙂



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