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My skin has many blackheads at my nose and cheeck area. After a specialized cosmetic treatment my skin ceased to be sallow and gray. So, I  have to find product which won’t clog my pore again.I have never used a foundation and I never factor them out. I need strong cover but light consistency and right color – my skin is pale and I have visible light-blue vains. In addition I don’t do sunbathing becouse my skin is sensitive to sun rays.  Once I saw a blog were girl was testing sample SKIN79 (but I can’t find it now) I thought that maybe I could test asian BB cream too. Unfortunelty I couldn’t find this sample and buying of Ebay was too expensive. I find three online shops and


I decided to buy on ASIANSTORE for three reasons: first they have personal pick-up in Cracov and I don’t have to pay for delivery, secondly the are selling samples of every BB cream they have in offer, thirtly the have very good contact with cutomers. At the beginnig I bought samples of SKIN79: The oriental Gold Plus, Diamond The Prestige and Lioele Super Gold Snail. The best for me was Diamond the Prestige unfortunetly when I wanted to order full-sized it appeared unavaible. I was coresponding with store and decided to test Bio-Essence Bio Platinum 10 in 1. In addition I ordered   Lioelle Dollish Cera-V CC . This kind of samples hold out for a dozen uses, it depends on how much product you use.


Bio – Essence Bio Platinum 10in1 was good choice. Every foundation from typical store should vanish. Consistency is light, you can cover by step. I usually use BB cream on skin which was earlier moistured by lavender water.


I use Bio-Essence Cream for four months. It has many pros – don’t clog and I saw that my skin is more shiny. healthy and natural. It has SPF25 PA++ filter.

Further products which I use quite a while is an Eubiona Face, Aloe Vera Waschgel. Some people love it, some people hate. It’s a vegan product with alcohol at 6 item and I reluctantly bought first tube. Most cosmetic which contain alcohol were totally drying my skin. I took my chance and bought it, at first the smell was bad but now I know that ingredients are attuned good. I couldn’t say it moisture my skin but definitely don’t dry it. It’s fit well with pulling off makeup even strong one.

Efficiency is individual – I need a bit to clean all my face – it’s foaming a lot.

Ok, the question is: What would the skin care be without good peeling? I quite a while found a product which is cheap and do a good job with blackheads!! It’s all about Soraya, Purifying peeling for oily and acne skin.We can find also peeling for normal skin.
I used it minimum twice a week – and I know that some people said it’s too much. So, every skin is different and have other needs.
The smell is good, fleck are hard and provide deep purification. After a few minutes massage our skin could be red but smooth and pores are really clean. In my bathroom I have many peelings but I won’t go back to them – now I know there exist a good stuff.
Of course it’s not all products I use at my skin care but I decide to share with you only this cosmetics which I can really recommend. Fortunetly it’s very basic set – I hope you find something for you 😉
One more, there are high temperatures outside and you are going for vacation and sunbathing. At this post I didn’t write about filters but I recommend you  WIOLUCJI o promieniowaniu UV. 


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