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My favorite method in practicing language is listening to vlogs and tutorials of foreign girls and that’s how I came across most channels that I would like to share with you.


The first is the channel is @Piinksparkles 25-year-old Canadian, she puts videos every day, and so am I, almost every morning during breakfast watching her new movie. Girl has a vast collection of Hello Kitty things, and while not quite like her style I love her sense of humor, distance and beliefs which almost always coincide with mine.


Another channel that I watch almost regularly, although recently it rarely puts the videos is the channel @IngridNilsen. I follow her almost from the beginning and sensational looks at her metamorphosis. She puts great DIY ideas for comfortable styling and loves her cat Nougat!


Probably many of you have read that one of the leading models Karlie Kloss some time ago set up channel on youtube @Klossy. Viewing it is fanstastic! If you do not know her already, check it up because you can’t get bored with it – she answers many questions related to the modeling, shows the world behind the scenes and baking.


Hitting the canal @FleurDeForce I hope that it will be hosted in French. I like her style, ideas, beauty and, above all, her British accent 🙂


At the end I leave you with @MichellePhan. Oh my! I don’t know better tutorials, make-up and how to operate the channel. You will fall in love as much as I do! For several years, she has shop based in New York Em-Cosmetics

Of course, I often watch individual videos of other girls, but this five stopped me for a long time. Do you like them? Of course, toss me your favorite youtubers, I would like to learn some new 🙂

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