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Gadgets and others in need at winter


Winter soon, and although the weather (so far) regales us with temperatures of more than 5 degrees, do not hesitate with a choice of winter accessories. To while away long standing at bus stops and waiting for a delayed bus or long, dark evenings in front of books, university / school / work I have prepared for you a list of interesting, necessary (and less) gadgets that will improve your mood.


It’s definitely my must-have, and no, it’s not cold in the apartment, just my blanket is not enough. Bedwarmer you can buy at many stores – I recommend Home and You. When it comes to a hand heater – this is the perfect solution if you so as I have ever (despite wearing gloves) cold hands. They have all sorts of colors and shapes and heat up to 40 minutes – look for them in larger stores and pharmacies.


There is nothing that kinda makes the evening a good book. Crime, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, historical – to choice is big, just look for the next best cheap bookstore / library / Empik / Matras to equip with bloated volumes that will allow you to move away from the daily routine.


Oh scents, many to choose! I especially recommend you Yanke Candle scents that have become already very popular and certainly heard about them. I tested a lot of candles and wax fragrance and confirm that they have strong, long lasting beautiful smell! Candles are unfortunately very expensive, fortunately there are still waxes which do not have to burn the whole at one time – crush them into pieces, they will last for a very long time!

Seek , smell, taste! Five o’clock proposes a huge selection of teas with fantastic flavors and names.

Hot coffee or tea – you can drink on the bus, at the bus stop, college or car. Incredibly useful gadget if you do not want to spend money unnecessarily;) In addition, there is a huge amount of designs and, if I’m not mistaken GymHero will soon prepare new beautiful designs!

Colorful hats with pom-poms, wool, or thinner and cute, warm earmuffs. Not enough that they are necessary in winter, in addition, they are fashionable accessories. You can buy them everywhere – and I also can recommend you DaWanda where you can find many original, unique and handmade accessories.

Without gloves you can’t move in the winter! Although they are a nuisance, because often we have to pull the off even to answer the phone or pull something out of the bag. Likewise, when it comes to the neck, warm wool, long colorful scarf will improve your mood.

And what are your essential winter accessory?








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