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Good morning,

In this cloudy morning I come to you with an unusually August post, which being lost somewhere between the prepared texts. This time I decided to create two styles, which consist only with other addons and gain a completely different dimension.

In both, of course, the first role plays a gorgeous white flared dress with bare shoulders and charming bows on the shoulders. In the first style, to gain a less formal look I wore high leather shoes and purse in bright shades of beige, on a long bar. Without a doubt, this style I would choose to explore the streets of Greece or Italy. Stylish and comfortable! Which is what we like, right?

1paintitblonde3paintitblonde 4paintitblonde 5paintitblonde 6paintitblonde 7paintitblonde 8paintitblonde 10paintitblonde 11paintitblonde

12paintitblonde 13paintitblonde 14paintitblonde 16paintitblonde 17paintitblonde 18paintitblonde 19paintitblonde 20paintitblonde

dress, purse, shoes Zara | earrings Parfois | bracelet byDziubeka | glasses H&M


The second edition of this style is a bit more official. I dressed exactly the same way I went on the second day of my cousins wedding. I choose expressive, pink high heels from Mohito in the rose pattern (bought in outlFactory, discounted at the half), a bag of Stradivarius, also from repricing and lovely long earrings byDziubeka. I think if February was a warm month, this styling would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day date. What do you think?

21paintitblonde 22paintitblonde 24paintitblonde 25paintitblonde 26paintitblonde 28paintitblonde 29paintitblonde 30paintitblonde 33paintitblonde 34paintitblonde 35paintitblonde 36paintitblonde 37paintitblonde 38paintitblonde 39paintitblonde 40paintitblonde 41paintitblonde 42paintitblonde 43paintitblonde 44paintitblonde 45paintitblonde 46paintitblonde 47paintitblonde

dress Zara | bag Stradivarius | shoes Mohito | bracelet, earrings byDziubeka

Let me know which of the styling you like more! The first more daily, or other one ideal for a date and a more formal output?

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