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Halloween outfit #3 with Rosewholesale


This is the last Halloween post. This time I prepared something for people who do not want too much to dress, but still feel the atmosphere of the event. Leather set works perfectly in this case, but you should think of a good makeup, particularly emphasizing the lips and additives. In my case it rings Six and Gothic necklace from Rosewholesale. It is made with the greatest care, it would definitely cost a lot more than 3 bucks. In fact, it looks a lot better than in the pictures, they do not sparkle so cheesy, small florets around a large stone are made very carefully. just as the leaves and lace, on which everything is mounted, is thicker and it beautifully adapts to the neck. I would definitely recommend such additives!


necklace Rosewholesale – LINK 

rings SIX

pants Zara

waistcoat SH

brassiere Godsavequeens

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